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John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty I met him at a capitol press conference in 2003. I told him how cool I thought the harp tone was on Run Through The Jungle. I asked him what kind of microphone he used on that song. He said it was an old Astatic mic from the 50's. We talked more about harmonica tone. Nice guy.
Mark and John Fogerty Mark and John Fogerty

Don Henley (Eagles and Don Henley I finally got to meet one of my favorite vocalists. Met him at a capitol press conference in 2001. We were waiting for the conference to start. He wasn't doing anything yet, so I said hi, told him I was a fan, and asked him for a quick photo. He tried to ignore me. He finally turned towards the camera just after this photo was taken, but the photographer missed the shot. The rumours are true. Not a very nice guy.
Carlos Santana ( I finally got to meet one of my guitar heros, but was disappointed. I met him at the capitol after a press conference where I was running the audio. I told him I was a fan and asked him for a quick photo. He agreed, but seemed distracted was not real friendly to me and my co-worker. I guess I caught him at a bad time.
Mark and Don Henley Carlos Santana

David Hyde Pierce
(actor and comedian - Frasier sitcom - Met him at a capitol press conference in 2004. He was invited to talk about alzhiemers disease by a senator. He said that he was concerned for his dad who had alzheimers. Afterwards, we had a great conversation. A really nice guy.

Joe Montana (4 time Super Bowl Champion with the 49ers. Elected to the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" in 2004. He was invited to the capitol on 5/13/97 by Assemblyman Dick Floyd. I was the audio tech at his press conference. I told him a was a big 49ers fan and talked with him for a few minutes. He signed a 49ers helmet and Kansas City Chiefs poster for me. He spent a few hours signing autographs, posing for photos, etc. He created a lot of excitement at the capitol that day. Nice guy.
David Hyde Pierce Joe Montana

Ted Dansen
(actor, author, producer, activist in ocean conservation)
Met him and talked with him at a capitol press conference in 2002. Real nice person.
Ted Dansen
Ted Dansen

Rob Reiner
(actor, director, writer - Met him and talked with him at a capitol press conference in 1999. Real nice guy.

Peter Coyote
(actor, author, director and narrator - Met him at a concert in Golden Gate Park. Nice guy.
Rob Riener Mark and Peter Coyote

Arnold Schwarzenegger - No comment.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger

Erin Brockovich - -
Met her at a capitol press conference. She was there to talk about her personal battle against the toxic molds found in her Southern California home - We had a great conversation for about 10 minutes. I asked her a few questions about the mold found in her home. I told her about my attempts to remove mold I found in a house I was renting. She was very nice and personable. I enjoyed talking with her.
Erin Brockovich Erin Brockovich

Jane Seymour - I met her when she was at the capitol to shoot an episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She and the cast were there for a 4 day shoot. They transformed the capitol with dirt on the sidewalks, horses and carriges, fake shubbery and lots of other props. I really enjoyed meeting her and other cast members and being behind the scenes. She was sweet and classy. A very nice lady.
Jane Seymour Jane Seymour

Angela Bassett
( Met her and Laurence Fishburne in 2006 at a VIP event held at the capitol. We talked for a few minutes before and after these photos were taken about the movie What's Love Got to Do with It - The Tina Turner Story, in which she starred with Laurence Fishburne. She was very nice.
Angela Bassett Angela Bassett

Jack LaLanne (bodybuilder and "the godfather of fitness" - I met him at a California Fitness Council event at the capitol and talked with him about eating right and staying in shape . He was one of the nicest, most positive persons I've ever met.
Mark and Jack LaLane Jack LaLanne Promo Photo

Bob Dole (US Senator from Kansas, presidential candidate, and WW11 veteran

Malcolm Jamal Warner (Bill Cosby Show)
Bob Dole Mark and Malcolm Jamal Warner

Beau Bridges
He was at the capitol shooting a movie for HBO.
A really nice person.

Robin Zander
- (Cheap Trick) -
Met him at a night club (Slick Willie's) in Sacramento. He and lead guitarist Rick Nielsen were in town. They stopped by to sit in with the band. There was another, better photo taken of us when we were both looking at the camera, but I can't find it. He was one of my favorite vocalists, so it was great to finally meet him & talk to him. Nice guy
Beau Bridges Robin Zander

Tony Lopez (3-Time World Boxing Champion from Sacramento)

Tommy Castro (Tommy Castro Band)
Mark and Tony Lopez
Tommy Castro

Daniel Castro (Daniel Castro Band)

Kathleen Cairns (Kathleen Cairns and Tattoo Blue)
Mark and Daniel Castro Mark and Kathleen Cairns

Jennifer Whitney (former news achor with KOVR channel 13)

The Rise Guys - KHTK 1140AM Radio
Jennifer Whitney
The Rise Guys

Teddy Roosevelt and WC Fields impersonators

The Supremes Tribute
Mark and Teddy Roosevelt and WC Fields The Supremes